Make your first fuel stop right here...

Thank you!

The Trans Euro Trail® is fuelled by passion, maintained by riders and supported by YOU.
Best of all, it’s free of charge and intends to stay that way!

Adventure Spec have supported us from the start, allowing us to turn a pipe-dream into reality. Without their ongoing help with development, advice, server space, branding, marketing and, most importantly, bucketloads of vision, we would not be where we are now. Their ongoing support continues and is hugely valued.The TET is of huge benefit both to the motorcycle community and also to the often marginalised and precarious rural communities that it passes through. It is the Trans Euro Trail® Community Interest Company’s ambition to build on our achievements and secure the TET as a legacy for future generations of trail riders and cement it as a fixture on every adventure motorcycle tourist’s bucket-list.

BUT, keeping the TET alive costs money.

Whilst the bulk of the TET’s work is carried out by our incredible volunteers in their spare time (“Thank you” doesn’t even cover it!), just maintaining what we have started still costs cold hard cash. Professional IT support, website maintenance and server space are just a few of the bills that need paying every month.Additional resources will be needed to develop and nurture the TET. We are brimming with ideas – whether it be signposting TET riders to welcoming local businesses, engaging with local tourism authorities or supporting groups that advocate and maintain our access to unpaved dirt roads.

You’re going to fill your bike up at fuel stations around the TET. We’d LOVE it if you made your first fuel stop right here, right now.


Spread the TET vibes with our Ts and heavy duty bike stickers, or splash out on the ADV Spec Linesman trail riding jacket, developed especially for the TET.