Your Linesman

Rogier de Bruijn

Rogier lives in the south of the Netherlands. He rides a motorcycle now but, before that he drove a 4×4 quad through the off road tracks of Europe. He now prefers 2 wheels over 4.

He likes to plan tracks in Basecamp on topo maps and then discover new trails and help others do the same.

Since the beginning of the TET, there’s been a fantastic community and he’s proud to be the linesman for the Netherlands. In the future he hopes to explore the whole TET. He likes to carry camping gear on his journeys and likes to wildcamp if he can.

He hopes that you’ll enjoy the TET going through the “”Flatlands”” but asks you to keep in mind that it’s a work in progress due to constantly changing rules. So enjoy your time here and let others enjoy theirs.



Generally from March to November.
Dutch, most people will also speak English
Not allowed, Hefty fines possible. Making a fire could cost you €280 and wild camping €140
Stay legal, obey the traffic signs. There are plenty of smaller non-traffic signs prohibiting motorised entry to areas of land and woods.


Mostly flat, sandy terrain. There is a fair bit of sand to ride through which can be a challenge for people on big bikes and/or riders with less experience. You have to be fearless in sand! Depending on the weather and time of year, some patches can range from fesh fesh to moderate quicksand. Rock hard dry places along with slippy slidey mud can be found as well. Plenty of woodlands along the route.

Please note that the liaison section from TET Netherlands to the port near Amsterdam is all tar road. If you have information which will allow it to include some legal off pavement trails please contact the Linesman NL


You'll see plenty of windmills! Some are open on certain days so you can inspect some of their inner workings. They are mostly open when they are milling.

Some of the foods to try are ""Stroopwafels"" (sort of biscuits) and ""Frikandel speciaal"" which is a fried stick of meat (on a bun or not as you wish) with curry sauce, mayonnaise and shredded raw onions. I like it ! There's plenty more to eat, drink and see but it'll depend on your taste.
Another thing not to miss is the road signs. (not that there are many... )

The fines for speeding can be hefty, along with other things you shouldn't do so obey the rules and you should be fine.

There might be people out walking who will argue that you're riding there illegally but they are wrong. Just say you won't do it again 😉 Be nice to people, stop and kill engine when you encounter horses please and go slow in or near farms and built up areas. It's a small country with limited off-roading, help us preserve what we have.