Your Linesman

Vainius Gabalis

Born and raised in the city of Kaunas, I always wanted more – to escape and leave the concrete jungle far behind. At the first opportunity, I got my motorcycle licence and life has never been the same since!
Unpaved roads led to fire roads and single tracks which sometimes ended where no tracks have ever been. The outdoor-me inside had started to enjoy what the world could offer and I sought out every opportunity explore! Paved and asphalt roads became such a boring experience that now I would rather take a significantly longer, unpaved track than head straight to my destination on the paved one. This all sees me covering more than 10,000km per year in our small country on the various bikes that I now own – that’s the equivalent of about 5 times around the perimeter of my country! Being so outdoorsy means that I have to travel a lot to get my fix, so, under my travel belt, I now have more than 25 countries and counting, ranging from 4×4 in Iceland to scooters in the Philippines!



Lithuanian, English, Russian
A number of great places for camping can be found when traveling in Lithuania.

It shouldn't be forgotten that if you want to set a camp on private land, the landowner's permission must be obtained first. If the landowner cannot be found, the camping site must be left the way it was found (no garbage, no damage to the property, etc.).

Our country is rich in lakes, rivers and streams. Many beautiful and secluded places to camp can be found next to them. In most cases that is not prohibited.

Only in some national parks might you need to purchase a visitor ticket and set up camp only in designated places.
The Lithuanian TET is all legal to ride.

It’s important to remember that in Lithuania it is strictly forbidden to destroy or otherwise damage the forest floor.

It is strictly forbidden to ride on footpaths in the national parks, where there are signs forbidding motorised traffic or if the path is not on maps of the park. If these rules are broken, you may be fined.

In Lithuania it is also better to avoid military training areas as military exercises may be taking place there. Before entering the training area, you should check whether there is no exercise at that time (information is usually hung at the entrance, in Lithuanian).
APL (July)

Motorturism Rally (August)

Enduro Rally (October)


The Lithuania track constantly changes throughout its length, which means that the Northern part of the track looks nothing like the track in the South. In general the Northern part of Lithuania is covered by agricultural fields and only a few patches of forests here and there, which makes camping a struggle and gives us wide and fast gravel roads, yet provides truly interesting POI, while the South is covered by sand, forests and lakes to take a dip in, also it is more friendly for a wild camping for the same reason. While the central track part blends all of the extremes into one. While passing the central part next to Kaunas, be cautious, the track is very engaging, but pick your speed carefully, there are lots of humps and bumps, roots and sand and you do not want to end up parked in a tree! Also, due to the same reason of fun there are other motorcyclists and ATV riders scouting through the forest, so be cautions on blind turns!

In the majority of the track you are not required to have PRO level enduro skills (yet skills always come in handy!) and such skills is not necessary if you are traveling on small bikes, yet there are a few places where it can be a real struggle for a big bike. The track is fully suitable for big bikes without doing any damage to the nature!

Drive respectfully, you are not in a race - slow down in villages, do not drive in crop fields - stay on the track. Respect surroundings and we will enjoy the track!