Your Linesman

Mārtiņš Sils

Technologies business creator and owner, world traveler, organizer of different motorsport events, adventurer and member of “Brothers of the Wind MC” (oldest MC in Latvia) since the 1990s, founder of moto-adventure club “apPasaule” (“Around the World”) and “2 Wheels Tutors” movement. He considers his motorcycle the best companion for long expeditions as well as short, local trips and has travelled around the world twice, organized several long term expeditions, reached mountain tops up to 6300m high, made movies, photo exhibitions and written books about his adventures and experiences on the road.

With over 100 countries visited in his trips, there is no way of stopping him from organizing and taking part in new expeditions and moto powered world exploration adventures.

He is famous for creating an additional value to his expeditions by letting Latvian pupils take part in these tours and giving them a chance to plan the routes and come up with tasks for motorcyclists to do on the road. Mārtiņš and his expedition partners make photos and videos from expeditions to each school who has given a task for them in the particular country. Students get an interesting, up-to date and on experience based information about traveling, geography and world events. That makes their studying process more exciting and gives an example of how they can influence big expeditions like these and get the best out of them for themselves. 2 Wheels Tutors visit the schools with their stories afterwards and meet the students, who have taken part in the expeditions remotely. Work is still being done and ideas discussed of how to incorporate the geography material 2 Wheels Tutors have into official school programs.

Mārtiņš is also the owner of Two Wheels hotel in Riga- a hotel and cozy bar that welcomes anyone who drives on two wheels and wants to meet like-minded people.



1802km over 3 sections
Latvian is the official language, but people speak Russian, English and German as well.

It’s a good idea to download the “eHealthPoint” app. This app allows you to call the emergency number, while transferring your location data (GPS coordinates) to the emergency medical service dispatchers. It’s especially good when you have no idea about exactly where you are - not unusual when on the trail! We hope you won’t need to use it, but better safe than sorry!
Wild camping is legal in Latvia.

Camping, making campfires (in ready-made places or anywhere else, as long as you prepare the place before making the fire and make sure the fire is completely out by the time you leave the place) and picking berries and mushrooms is allowed

The campfire has to be at least 2m away from any tree. Pay attention though, that the rule about fires doesn’t apply in seaside and dune areas - it is forbidden there and if you get caught you will be fined!

Camping and making fires in national parks and restricted areas is only allowed in certain, ready-made places.

In every municipality these laws differ, but, in general, if you don’t put your tent up in the middle of the park and don’t make a 5m high bonfire that can burn down the place, you will be fine.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are out there - it's illegal to drink anything alcoholic or have an open bottle of alcohol on the streets, in parks and, yes, even in forests. Our suggestion - have your beer, but if you are unlucky enough to see a police officer coming your way, don’t wave your drink right in his face - that should do it!
Trail riding is legal in Latvia, just keep in mind that all the same laws on the trails as they do on the highways. Trails vary throughout the year. They might be more slippery and wet in spring and autumn so adjust your speed wisely.
Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting, HU Latvia, Madona (May)

AdvEnduro Spring and AdvEnduro Autumn by TwoWheels.lv (May, October)

Motocross World Championship (MXGP), Ķegums (May)

Enduro and Enduro Rally Race, Zante (July)

Kurland Bike Meet, Ventspils (July)

Brothers of the Wind (VBO) MC Summer Party, Saulkrasti (August)

Poker Run by VBO MC, Start in Riga (September)


The route we’ve chosen, lets TET motorcyclists see all the natural beauty that is there in Latvia.

We are very proud of our Baltic sea coastline, therefore a part of our route will take you along the seaside.

Although Latvia is rather small, it has a rich history. You’d think that in order to learn more about that, you should visit some of the museums in our capital Riga, but not necessarily. Just get off the highway and see everything yourself! Our route will let you to explore forests, meadows, beaches, lakes, rivers, ponds, ruins of former estates and castles as well as renovated historical places.

People in the little villages and towns are very helpful and interesting to talk to. They have stories about how it all looked many years ago (most often based on what their parents and grandparents have told them) and how that particular place has changed. You know those stories when someone’s bike breaks down somewhere in Africa and the whole village is there to help? Well, don’t be surprised if it happens here as well. Not that we haven’t seen a motorcycle -we’re just extremely helpful!

Don’t be afraid of the small eateries along the way, they are all safe, food is tasty and local.

The Latvian TET will be like a breath of fresh air for you, both literally and figuratively. Our nature with its greenery, the beautiful smell of the forests, spectacular sunsets and sunrises - just go and enjoy it!

There are so many trails- they’re like blood vessels. Let’s make motorcyclists the ‘blood’ of these vessels- let’s give life to them! The nature around these trails deserves to be seen and the trails themselves- ridden!


Two Wheels - a cozy, little hotel for motorcyclists and their friends in Riga. Here we have a safe parking place for bikes, a bar, restaurant and always someone ready to talk to you and hear everything about your adventures. If you are willing to gather a bigger crowd and tell them about your experience - this is the place to do that! Just let us know couple of days before, so that we could invite our friends and you will have your own story-telling night in Two Wheels! It is the place for adventurers, the ones who seek inspiration and like-minded people. Once you’re here - it is like a home away from home for you and your motorcycle. TET Riders - welcome...;)