Your Linesman

Alessandro “Azoto” Baldisserri

Alessandro worked in the IT field in Asia for some time, but then decided to dedicate his life to a higher purpose: riding motorbikes. While resting his bottom between travels, he loves drinking beer while pretending to be an IT professional (and these two things do not always lead to good results!).

He lives on the coast, in Liguria, near the French border.



May to October is best. Check for seasonal road closures while planning your trip. Higher passes and roads might be closed until mid-June
Resia (UD) Friuli Venezia Giulia (from Slovenia)
Olivetta San Michele (IM), Liguria (to France)
Italian. German and Italian in Alto Adige (Bolzano)
The country is gradually adopting the “single European emergency number” 112.

Depending on the region you’re crossing, though, there might be additional numbers available: 113 – police; 115 – fire brigade; 118 – first aid
Camping is governed by regional laws.

Piedmont (Piemonte): allowed up to 48 hours, but far away from accomodation facilities.

Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia: it’s FORBIDDEN

Valle d’Aosta: allowed from sunset to dawn if over 2500m, but only outside the Gran Paradiso National Park

Liguria, Lombardia: tolerated if far from residential areas. You may need to need to let the mayor’s office know that you are camping.

With the permission of the landowner you may camp anywhere.
It’s illegal to ride on open land, footpaths, singletracks.

Normal road laws apply.

There are some protected areas where offroading is illegal even if there are no signs.

In some cases, a permit is required to ride on a specific road (e.g. “Via del Sale”)
Lots of rallies, events and raids: Stella Alpina, 20000 Pieghe, Hard Alpi Tour…In the Alps you’ll find a rally (meeting) for each and every motorcycle brand and model


There are plenty of homemade (and cheap) products to eat at mealtimes so take a risk and taste all those new food and drinks (responsibly!). If you spot an “Alimentari” sign (grocery shop), ypiu can ask for some “panini” (sandwiches) and get a meal for few coins. Remember that you may find other people enjoying nature as you do and animals wandering around in THEIR environment. Respect others, Nature and yourself.
The TET will bring you from the peaks of the Alps to the Ligurian Sea. On the route you will find the history, food and booze that makes Italy famous worldwide. The trail leads you through pastures in the shadows of the Carnic Alps. Then the contrast between the green fields and the white stone of the Dolomites announces that you have reached one of the best places to ride and enjoy your bike. If you have enough time, don’t miss all the passes around here – Campolongo, Sella, Gardena, Giovo, Giaus – places where the tarmac is always in pristine condition and the views are astounding.
The surroundings then change completely – the trail is approaching the Prealps and its lakes. If you suffer from Saturday Night Fever then check out a disco or night club close to the beache. Otherwise keep on following the TET and stay away from the mess and the masses!
The descent to the flatness of the lowlands introduces yet another landscape – one that might look boring at first when compared to the ups and downs of the mountains. Quite the opposite for those of us who hunt for untarred roads! Here one can ride and get very dirty, grimy and mucky. Lots of fun!
Take a rest in a quiet town and enjoy your Polenta because you’re now approaching the Valhalla of offroading heroes. Starting from Susa, you’ll feel the love and care of passionate people dedicating their lives to making you feel at home and enjoy your ride. Things have changed in the past few years and the local authorities are investing a lot of money to attract riders from all around Europe.
Rocky roads head to old military fortifications and to the top of the mountains, so keep your camera handy and enjoy the breathtaking panoramas.
< In the final leg your nose will sense that something is changing: the road’s getting closer to the sea and the air is becoming “salty”. Among the maritime pine trees, on a clear day, you’ll view the Mediterranean Sea.


Food, wine and home brewed beer. All the rest is impossible to miss…