Your Linesman

Marinos Chondrogiannoglou

Marinos is based in Athens. He discovered the joys of riding bikes quite late but since his late 20s he does whatever he can to catch up with what he missed in all those previous years. He loves touring on & off the road and has covered the most of Greece and enough parts of Europe.

He drinks stouts while listening to hard & heavy music and dreams of the day that he can travel the world.



You can ride all year round but of course in winter the trails up in the mountains will be closed by the snow and, although Greece is in the south, temperatures can drop below zero.
Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to ride. The weather is mild and you can enjoy nature at its best.
The summer is quite hot with temperatures sometimes going over 40C but in higher altitudes you can still enjoy the riding.
Krystallopigi, Florina
Nimfea, Rhodope (to BG) or Kipi, Evros ( to TR)
100 (Police)
166 (Ambulance)
199 (Fire Service)
Wild Camping is prohibited by law in Greece. However if someone camps in a remote area and without leaving any traces behind there should be no problem. Avoid popular beaches in the summer and respect private properties if they have fences.
Trail riding is permitted in Greece except in the National parks (but even there if you just stay on the forest roads there should be no problem). Also we try to avoid using the marked hiking trails
Hellas Rally (Spring)

Serres Rally (Early Autumn)


The route will take you from the majestic mountain range of the Pindos (it's called the Spine of Greece) to the more gentle but still beautiful mountains of the Peloponnes. You'll head up to Athens and from there you'll ride to Olympos, the Mountain of Gods and on to the northern part where again you can lose yourself in the forests of the Rhodope mountains. You'll ride through mountains, passes, forests and you'll find some amazing beaches where you can relax if it's summer. There is a huge variety of terrain from soft soil to very rocky places that will challenge your riding but you will be rewarded by reaching some amazing spots.


You'll discover many remote villages especially up in the mountains. Don't miss the chance to sip a coffee in their scenic squares and ponder for a moment that you travelled back in time.
Taste the local cuisine and experience the differences between seaside where fish is the king and the mountains where meat reigns.
Drink ouzo and Tsipouro
Enjoy an iced coffee
Try and avoid big cities and enjoy the countryside