TET Italy-France

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TET Italy-France

Post by Hugo » Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:01 pm

What: 2 week trip with friends
Where: TET Italy part from Suza (Italy) to Guillaume region (france
Route version: dont remember version around september 2018
Length: 2weeks pure fun
Weather: dry
Conditions: very dry
Bike: Yamaha xt660r
Tires: Mitas CO2
Luggage: xcountry poland
Bike drops: many
Complaints: 1...

We had an absolute blast again riding TET. Marvelous views, killer trails and lots and lots of pure fun! We were so far gone of the regular world that we even forgot what day it was.. and got fined for trespassing a col in italy on a saturday. We honestly did not realise until 2 nice policemen explained us with the necesarry fee... stupid!
But really... this trip on TET is one I will treasure for ever. Good friends, good adventure and mountains! No need to say more, get out there and enjoy.

I was very happy I brought:

as less as possible

I was stupid enough to forget:
the date!!!

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