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Tonny aka "Don T"

I’ve had a passion for travelling, adventure and motorcycles since I was a kid. I started riding bikes back in the early 90s. Since then I have visited every country in Europe on two wheels and made a few excursions into Africa and Asia as well.

Using my bikes for travelling has always been the main priority for me, but I love all aspects of riding. I’ve done a lot of track days and back in 2008 I got involved in proper off road riding as well. Besides riding off road locally I’ve participated in EnduRomania several times.

I’m an active member on various adventure rider forums. Besides sharing experiences and knowledge online, the forums have turned out to be a great way to establish contact with like minded riders from around the world – contacts that often result in real life interaction and sometimes even lasting friendships.



Danish (Most Danes are also proficient in English)
Danish Kroner (DKr). 1 euro = 7.50 DKr.
Wild Camping is prohibited, but...

You are allow to sleep in any state forest as long as you don't put up a tent - it's only allowed to use sleeping bag, bivi, tarp and/or hammock.

Besides that there are several primitive campsites and shelters that you can use for free. Usually you will have access to potable water, a privy and a spot to build a bonfire.When using the sites you have to comply with these rules:
1. Only spend 1 night in the same spot.
2. No more than 2 tents in the same spot.
3. Only 3-persons tents or smaller.
4. Don't put up your tent within sight of buildings or roads.
5. Only light a fire at the designated spot.
6. Clean up after you when you leave!

Under "Resources" there is a link to a map showing the location of all the free shelters and campsites (scroll down on the page). If you click the tent/shelter icons on the map, you will be directed to a description of the location (use Google Translate to read it).
You are allowed ride any road (tarmac, gravel or dirt) not marked with a sign saying otherwise. In reality this means that most gravel roads and trails are off limit for motorcycles.


The TET through Denmark follows public roads - most are surfaced but there are a few gravel sections as well.

It's a scenic route with nice riding on small roads that gives you a taste of what Denmark has to offer. In the south you will be visiting several islands connected by bridges.

Just before you reach the Øresunds Bridge to Sweden, you will pass through the centre of Copenhagen following an interesting route that will show you the most charming parts of the Capital.


A walk down the stairs to the beach at Møns Klint.
Go berserk at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.
Visit the tombs of the kings and queens of Denmark in Roskilde Cathedral.
Frolic at Bakken - the oldest amusement park in the world.
Take a swim in the ocean - or in the harbor of Copenhagen.
Try "Smørrebrød" the traditional Danish open sandwich.
Drink local beer!