Your Linesman

Tonny aka "Don T"

I’ve had a passion for travelling, adventure and motorcycles since I was a kid. I started riding bikes back in the early 90s. Since then I have visited every country in Europe on two wheels and made a few excursions into Africa and Asia as well.

Using my bikes for travelling has always been the main priority for me, but I love all aspects of riding. I’ve done a lot of track days and back in 2008 I got involved in proper off road riding as well. Besides riding off road locally I’ve participated in EnduRomania several times.

I’m an active member on various adventure rider forums. Besides sharing experiences and knowledge online, the forums have turned out to be a great way to establish contact with like minded riders from around the world – contacts that often result in real life interaction and sometimes even lasting friendships.



Track 1 - from Rødby to Øresunds Bridge: 390 km Track 2 - from Lydersholm to Grenå: 625 km
Track 1: 1-2 days Track 2: 3-4 days
Track 1: Rødby Track 2: Lydersholm
Track 1: Øresunds Bridge Track 2: Grenå
Danish (Most Danes are also proficient in English)
Danish Kroner (DKr). 1 euro = 7.50 DKr.
Wild Camping is prohibited, but...

You are allow to sleep in any state forest as long as you don't put up a tent - it's only allowed to use sleeping bag, bivi, tarp and/or hammock.

Besides that there are several primitive campsites and shelters that you can use for free. Usually you will have access to potable water, a privy and a spot to build a bonfire. When using the sites you have to comply with these rules:
1. Only spend 1 night in the same spot.
2. No more than 2 tents in the same spot.
3. Only 3-persons tents or smaller.
4. Don't put up your tent within sight of buildings or roads.
5. Only light a fire at the designated spot.
6. Clean up after you when you leave!

Under "Resources" there is a link to a map showing the location of all the free shelters and campsites (scroll down on the page). If you click the tent/shelter icons on the map, you will be directed to a description of the location (use Google Translate to read it).
You are allowed ride any road (tarmac, gravel or dirt) not marked with a sign saying otherwise. In reality this means that most gravel roads and trails are off limit for motorcycles.


Track 1:
The route follows public roads - most are surfaced but there are a few gravel sections as well. It's a scenic route that offers nice riding on small roads, mostly surfaced but with a few gravel sections thrown into the mix, to give you a taste of The Eastern Islands.
In the south you will be visiting several island connected by bridges.
Just before you reach Sweden, you will pass through the centre of Copenhagen following an interesting route that offers you a good view of the Capital.

Track 2: You can expect a route with a great degree of terrain variety, alternating between tarmac, gravel roads, compacted tracks, forest and grass lanes.
Occasionally you will encounter sand and more technical sections, especially in adverse weather. These might not be easy to foresee, so keep an eye out. Difficulty is always hard to grade, depending on too many factors to account for.
The track can be considered easy compared to many other TET countries, with some moderate sections, and a few more difficult ones. Pick your challenges.
The unavoidable tarmac sections will offer you a welcome change of pace to stretch your legs and get on the throttle.
The track can definitely be ridden by bigger bikes. Knobby tires are recommended.

Denmark is a very densely populated country, so although you might feel at times that you are traveling through a sparsely populated area - especially when you leave the tarmac - remember that people always live nearby, and please keep the TET Code of Conduct in mind!
We invite you to stop often and take time to explore what the country has to offer. Pack a pair of hiking boots, there’s more to the country than what you can ride - and don't forget to bring your swimming gear.


Track 1:
Exhaust yourself on the 497 steps down to the beach at Møns Klint.
Go berserk at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.
Visit the tombs of the Kings and Queens of Denmark in Roskilde Cathedral.
Get drunk and frolic at Bakken - the oldest amusement park in the world. Take a swim in the ocean - or in the harbor of Copenhagen.
Try "smørrebrød" the traditional Danish open sandwich.
Drink Beer!

Track 2:
Lakolk beach on the island of Romø: One of Europe’s largest beaches, and one of the very few you can ride on.
Mandø: A small island on the Wadden Sea, which is the breeding area to multitudes of birds. The island is connected to the mainland via a rough unpaved road, and is only accessible at low tide. Don’t get caught racing the tide. Or do, but send pictures.
Wadden Sea Centre: Learn about migratory birds and the surrounding UNESCO world heritage environment.
Randbøl Heath: Denmark’s largest inland heath, a raw, peaceful and historically significant area with an informative recreation area (Naturrum Kirstinelyst), a perfect starting point for walks in the surrounding nature.
Vejle: While the track purposely avoids or takes the most direct way into/out of cities, take the time to explore this town. Grab something to eat, and get a feel of what life is in a middle sized Danish city.
Gudenåens Kilde: The source of the river Gudenåen, Denmark’s longest river. The same river that will feed the lakes in the Silkeborg area you will encounter later in this journey.
Himmelbjerget: “The Sky Mountain” or “The Mountain of Heaven” - Park your bike and go for a stroll around what until 1847 was believed to be Denmark’s highest natural point (although at a mere 147m). Beautiful views of the surrounding areas can be seen from the top of the hill.
Kalø Castle Ruin: A short walk takes you to the remains of the Kalø medieval castle. Although not much of it is left, its cultural significance and the idyllic surrounding area make the stop worth it.
Mols Bjerge Nationalpark: Unpack your boots one last time, and go explore the extensive network of trails of the very hilly and forested Mols Bjerge National Park.