Bosnia & Herzegovina

Your Linesman

Dario Winkler

I was born and live in a small town in the very flat eastern part of Croatia – so that’s the reason I mostly ride in the mountainous areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. My passion is off-road adventure, riding far from my busy life and the city crowds. For the last few years I’ve become very involved in finding, recording and distributing tracks with other off-road enthusiasts.

Several times per year I organise (or just participate) 4-5 day adventure trips with friends from all parts of Balkans. Next up for me is to explore Romania and Bulgaria. I’m married, the father of three sons, work as a Project Manager and ride a KTM 950 Adventure.

Can’t wait to see you somewhere in the mountains !!!



Late spring, summer, early autumn. Heavy snowfall in the mountains means closed roads in the highest areas until May. Sometimes snow can fall in the mountains in June, so be prepared!
Bosnian (same as Croatian or Serbian). The majority of the populations speak English and many speak German too
Bosnian Mark (BAM)
It's illegal to wild camp, but in reality you can wild camp if you're not bothering neighbours or using private land. As always is the case in remote wilderness there are bears and wolves around, so storing food away from the camp is wise.
Trail riding using white roads or mountain paths is allowed. Riding on designated public walking paths/trekking paths is forbidden. Respect the signs in the protected areas of National and Nature Parks which forbid riding.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a mountainous country offering a vast variety of terrain to ride. Mountain peaks will offer amazing views. There are also the open plains that you will experience entering Bosnia from Croatia at Bosansko Grahovo. The TET will take you towards Livno riding along Buško Lake and then towards Ramsko Lake. Visiting these beautiful glacial lakes spread through the Bosnian mountains will create amazing riding opportunites. Riding towards Mostar and then Montenegro where you will be greeted by the famous Durmitor mountain range and Žabljak area where the HUBB has its annual event.

WARNING: Wherever you see the "MINE" sign on the side of the road, it is STRICTLY forbidden (not to say very, very foolish) to venture from the road.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was unfortunately part of the wars of the 90’s. MINE signs along the white roads, in the woods, open fields, wood clearings etc NEED to be taken very seriously.
There have been reports of people riding in fields where there are known to be mines and we, as a part of the TET project, advise strongly against such risky and stupid behaviour.
Any unnecessary riding in danger areas puts the individual, his/her friends and the emergency services in mortal danger. It also puts in jeopardy the TET routes, possibly leading to their temporary closure and even permanently finishing defined trail use in these areas.
We have provided a link to the map of MINE infected areas that is updated whenever part of the infected area is declared clear of mines.
Local people may know a safe path, but because the mines move with the soil you cannot trust or rely on their verbal advice.
Please follow the rules and the designated TET route, so we can all safely enjoy the amazing vistas of the Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Ćevapčići: minced meet rolls, served with ajvar, onion, and lepinja flat bread
Baklava, tufahija, hurmašice cakes
Obitelj: mountain men breakfast of scrambled eggs, flat corn bead, eggs mixed with cow cheese
All kinds of dolma: šarena, sogan etc (savoury dishes)
Drink turkish coffee with rahat lokum
Visit Sarajevo, the Jerusalem of Europe
Listen to sevdah traditional singing
Talk to raja (groups of friends) in Sarajevo