Your Linesman

Jakob Weinknecht

I am 40 years old and have been an Adventure Bike Enthusiast for more than 15 years. I am an active journalist for the largest Austrian motorbike magazine and focus on adventure, travel and navigation. In addition, I’m active as a trainer in GPS-based travel planning, navigation and a guide for motorbike tours and I love to modify my bikes to fit my travel needs better.

I try to spend as much time as possible on bikes (cuurently 4) travelling the roads less travelled in various countries and whenever possible offroad. My favourite countries are those less populated allowing me to travel through the wilderness.

About twice a year I also participate in offroad events such as Krka Discovery or the Hellas Rally Raid to develop my driving skills and ride offroad. My bike travel dreams are to ride the whole Pan Americana and to take a motorbike journey starting in central Europe and heading across the Balkans, Turkey, Iran, Russia, India, Indonesia all the way down to Australia and finally New Zealand.

In my daily job, I run large-scale projects in the field of information technology and organisational development as a senior project manager as well as lecturing oninformation management at university.



May to September is best.
Some mountain roads can be closed due to snow until the end of June.
Always be prepared for the possibility of thundershowers and snow in the mountains even in July and August.
Planned for the area of Hermagor, Austria and Tolmezzo, Italy
Planned for the area of Litschau, Austria and Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
German (with a great variaton in dialects). On the borders two languages are often spoken
Ambulance 144
Fire Fighters 122
Police 133
Europe Emergency Call 112
ÖAMTC (Austrian´s Automobile Association) 120

The Austrian rescue organization are very well organized and trained. Please take care to have private insurance to cover search & rescue as well ambulance helicopter costs in the mountains.
Laws regarding wild camping: In Austria wild camping is forbidden by law so camping sites have to be used. Ignoring this can lead to prosecution for trespass on private property or infringing nature protection laws and regulations.
It is illegal to ride on open land, footpaths and single tracks. Normal road laws always apply. In areas of natural parks and forests off-pavement driving is illegal even if there are no signs. Many woods and forestalls areas are private property and riding is not allowed. Whenever there is a sign banning driving, observe the rule. Signs are valid whether or not the barriers are open or closed. Do not open or bypass barriers. Some forest areas have video surveillance for tracking wild animals and these are also used to identify mountain bikers and motorcycle riders breaking the regulations.


We are currently working on a legal TET trail across Austria. As many forest areas are private property and not accessible – even for mountain bikers – it’s definitely not a simple task! However, we want Austria to be part of the TET and provide a track with as much legal off pavement as possible.

So, we need your help! If you know of legal off pavement tracks in Austria please drop us an e-mail at A@transeurotrail.org. If you own land or forest privately and want to allow the TET a route through let us know. Jakob will get straight back in contact with you.

Our plan is to provide the first TET trail across Austria by Spring 2020. Your support decides how much legal off pavement we will be able to provide on the TET Austria.


If you can, take time for the beaches in the southwest and mountains in the north, the forgotten archeological sites, regional cuisine like fresh trout from a local river, gjellë (a stew of slowly cooked meat with various vegetables) and mazja or flija (a many layered pancake-like dish cooked outdoors over open coals, steamed, and often served with local honey).

Spend some time with the local people who might offer you homemade rakia...