The Trans Euro Trail® can only exist with its Linesmen and Lineswomen

An undertaking as large as the Trans Euro Trail® needs passionate and dedicated care.

As the Trans Euro Trail® winds its way across Europe, through forests and medieval villages, across high mountain passes, open pastures and tundra, in the heat and cold, rain, wind and sun, each kilometer has been mapped, ridden and checked by volunteers and previous travellers. The tracks, comments and amendments are then passed to the country’s Linesman or woman who coordinates the development and evolution of the Trans Euro Trail® on his or her patch.

Once content with the next version of their section of the trail they pass it on to TET HQ for adding to the website as the definitive route. All Linesmen give up their time freely and willingly. All are riders and all have a passion to share their love of the trails and landscapes of their countries with others. Some assume the role for a year, some for longer.

Linesmen are not paid but are rewarded with the sight of photos, ride reports and videos, the submission of trail reports by users and by the occasional e-mail of thanks!

The Trans Euro Trail® is generously supported by Adventure Spec who have given the ‘Linesman’ name to their unique trail riding jacket. All Linesmen are supplied with a jacket to represent the Trans Euro Trail® whilst out checking and maintaining the trails.

We’re always on the lookout to increase the size of the Trans Euro Trail® community so whether it be by contributing a favourite route, a special view, campsite or garage, agreeing to keep an eye on a segment of trail or even taking on the role of Linesman for your country, please drop a line to the relevant Linesman or, for more general enquiries, to info@transeurotrail.org